Wilmer Valderrama

  1. DeRay Davis, The Fog, 2004. Good movie for The 70s’ Show TV star to lose… Several other young USA TV stars – John Cho, Jon Heder, Dominic Monaghan, Eric Christian Olsen, Kenan Thompson – were seen for Brett Spooner. Until Davis’s test conquered the producers. And, suddenly, Spooner was black. John Carpenter’s 1979 original had a small budget, some imagination and a strong cast, recalled UK critic Philip French. “The new version has a sizeable budget, no imagination and a cast of nonentities.”
  2. Michael Peña, CHIPS, 2016.   The first Warner Bros ever heard of maybe turning the 1977-1983series  was when The 70s Show showed up in the signature skin-tight uniform of the California Highway Patrol… and said: “Funny, right?” He walked out with a deal to play Officer Frank ‘Ponce’ Poncherello.  Two similar series-into-films plans  – The Dukes Of Hazzard and Starsky & Hutch – flopped and it was some  time before the fairly unknown Dax Shepard won his deal, almost saved by his co-star. “Mr Peña struggles to make his character more than a walking erection,” said New York Times critic Jeannette Catsoulis.  “That’s tough when your new partner [Shepard] seems so fixated on his own equipment that he keeps forcing you to look at it.”


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