Zack Ward

  1. Yano Anaya, A Christmas Story, 1983.    Legend insists that New Orleans director Bob Clark 8,000 kidsbefdore choosing bespectacled Peter  Billingsley (king kid of commercials at the time) for Ralphie, wanting an official Red Ryder BB gun for Chrisdtmas. Clark then 300 more  for Scut Farcus. Ward had already won sidekick Grover Dill, but on his first day he was changed into Farcus’ clothes…and his breakthrough.
  2. Chris Spencer, Postal, 2007.   The Toronto comic auditioned  as Officer Greg and was so good (or, so bad) that German director  Uwe Boll made him the central Dude in his English-language debut – a tasteless9/11 comedy. Major agents kept clients far from Boll – “the most openly despised filmmaker of his generation,” according to San Francisco critic Peter Hartlaub.

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