1. Alexandra Shipp, Aaliyah: Princess Of R&B, TV, 2014. Superstar at 15, Aaliyah was dead in a plane crash at 22… When the Disney’s Shake It Up! TV star pulled out of the latest Lifetime biopic everything was shuttered until a new lead could be found. The equally beauteous Shipp had less issues with the production than Zendaya who said she quit over production values (or lack of them), complications (music rights) and  oh, not forgetting the fact that Aaliyah’s family disapproved of the venture.
  2. Alexandra Shipp, X-Men: Apocalypse, 2015. Shipp, Amber Stevens and Zendaya (Disney’s latest TV girl star) were seen by producer-director Bryan Singer about inheriting the new weather-manipulator Ororo Munroe/Storm from Halle Berry Cyclops in the opening quartet, 1999-2013. “A big monster of a movie,”declared propducer-director Bryan Singer. “A kinda conclusion of six X-Men films, yet a potential rebirth of younger, newer characters.”

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Zendaya Maree Stoermer ColemanCasting Calls:  2