A J Cook

  1. Rachel Nichols, Criminal Minds, TV,  2010-2011.   Before Season 6 began in2010, the Looper site reported that  two stars, Paget Brewster (Special Agent Emily Prentiss) and AJ Cook (Jenny Jaeur)  were dropped due to  budget  cuts. No way, revealed Brewster, reporting that CBS insisted on some “new women.” Tele-talk for younger women. Enter: the Australian Nichols, replacing both of them as Ashley Seaver.  Thanks to fans’ frenzy, AJ shot two chapters explaining JJ’s departure. Brewster, however, struck a deal for a new CBS pilot and 17 episodes. The pilot failed. And the new Minds chiefs  said that deal meant another year on the series  she had been fired from!  Finally, she was in 194 stories, AJ in 302 and  Nichols had  a mere 13.

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