Adrienne Corri

  1. Justine Lord, Tamahine, 1963.       The role was Derek Nimmo’s sweetheart (ageing,  both of them) opposite opposite the titular Nancy Kwan – Tahitian on this occasion and bringing a pukka British boys’ school to its knees.
  2. Joan Sims, Doctor Who #143: The Trial of a Time Lord, TV, 1986.          When Joan Sims is competing with Sylvia Syms… not to mention Ingrid Pitt, Beryl Reid versus Honor Blackman, Billie Whitelaw… you realise a certain desperation has entered the casting process. Indeed, never had so many women – 20 – been flagpoled for one part… The other Katryca contenders were Linda Baron, Jill Bennett, Isla Blair, Brenda Bruce, Adrienne Corri (Mena in #109: The Leisure Hive, 1980), Sheila Hancock, Janet Henfrey, Rosemary Leach, Jean Marsh, Sian Phillips (first offered Mena in The Leisure Hive,), Dinah Sheridan, Elizabeth Spriggs, Wanda Ventham (mother of Benedict Cumberbatch) and Fiona Walker. The winner was, inexplicably, Sims. She didn’t enjoy it one bit. So she did not… carry on.


 Birth year: 1930Death year: 2016Other name: Casting Calls:  2