Allan Jones

  1. Nelson Eddy, Naughty Marietta, 1934.       With one big MGM hit behind her – The Merry Widow – McDonald started behaving like her other self, The Iron Butterfly, and the soprano made it clear that she wanted Jones as her next partner. Impossible!  He was having having A Night at the Opera with the Marx brothers. OK, that other guy…   And Marietta became the first of the eight Nelson Eddy-Jeannette MacDonald musicals. Destiny!
  2. Robert Taylor, The Broadway Melody of 1936, 1935.     Change of co-star for Eleanor Powell… And, yes indeed, the working title was Broadway Melody of 1935… ie after The Broadway Melody, 1928, and before Broadway melodies  of 1937 and 1939. A fifth project –  of 1943 –  never happened. 
  3. James Stewart, Born To Dance, 1936.    Jim’s only musical. Cole Porter picked him I’m and he sang Easy to Love superbly. No need to dub in the  the bought and paid for bartione called Jack Owens. “Yeah, the song became a huge hit,” Jim recalled during the MGMusical treat, That’s Entertainment, 1973, “even my singing wouldn’t hurt it.”  Stewart and Jones co-starred in Rose-MarIe, 1936.
  4. Harry Stockwell, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 1937.     Jones, Felix Knight, Douglas McPhall, Dennis Morgan were beaten to voicing The Prince who would some day come – by the future father of actor brothers Guy and Dean Stockwell. The toon classic was the fourth of Stockwell’s eight movies… in 38 years.



 Birth year: 1907Death year: 1992Other name: Usual occupation: SingerCasting Calls:  4