Dick Haymes

  1. William Powell, Dancing in the Dark, 1949.   Way back in October 1945, the singer was due to be the conceited movie idol turned  lowly talent scout  – to be directed by the appalling Gregory Ratoff. Terrible film proving that only MGM could make musicals, not  Fox.  Haymes, third  of Rita Hayworth’s four husbands (she was the fourth wife of his six), managed 53 screen roles. None of  them memorable. His career was blighted by his refusal to join WWII – born in Argentina, he was not a US citizen. No, said those stars who went, just a coward. 
  2. Geoffrey  Horne,  The Story of  Joseph  and  His Brethern, 1960.  Harry Cohn’s dream movie –  aimed at Cary Grant,  then Tony Curtis and always for Rita Hayworth – fell apart in 1955  when Cohn refused to cast her (fourth)  husband as the  titular saint. Haymes would not cut his losses or  his saintly beard.  He  made sure Rita did not turn up for work and sued Columbia for all they could get. Her intended co-star, Kerwin Matthews, was replaced by the River Kwai  find when the film was made… two years after Cohn’s death. 

 Birth year: 1916Death year: 1980Other name: Usual occupation: SingerCasting Calls:  2