François Truffaut

  1. André Dussollier, Une belle fille comme moi, France, 1972.      Delighted with playing a lead in L’Enfant sauvage four years earlier, the French super-réalisateur Truffaut flirted with the notion of being the sociologist working on a thesis about female criminals. Instead, he gave the Comedie-Francaise newcomer a screen debut. Apart from several voice-overs and uncredited bits, Truffaut starred in two more of his films, La nuit américaine, 1973, and La chambre verte, 1978. Jean-Louis Trintignant told him he would have played all three roles better! Truffaut agreed and finally gave him the lead in his, Vivement dimanche! (US: Confidentially Yours), 1983. This was, helas, Truffaut’s finale.


 Birth year: 1932 Death year: 1984 Other name:  Usual occupation: Film director Casting Calls:  1