Kevin Smith


  1. Jordan Gelber,   Fanboys, 2008.      Jorge Garcia was to play the Ain’t It Cool News webmeister Harry Knowles, but literally Lost out. Kevin Smith took over, until delayed by Clerks 2 editing.   Finally, the Broadway star took   over   for the comedy of some Star Wars fans going to Skywalker Ranch to see The Phantom Menace the world.
  2. Stefan Laurantz, Shooting Clerks, UK-US-Canada, 2014.     The 1993 Clerks is to Scottish director Christopher Downie what Star Wars is to Clerks-maestro Kevin Smith. Hence this tribute, a (fictional) making-of with old and new faces, sometime new faces for old roles, and many laughs, He asked Kevin (one of the 18 producers!) to play Harry Weizmann (oh, ho, ho!)…  
  3. Kat Habrukowich, Shooting Clerks, UK-US-Canada, 2014.     … and to narrate the biopic. Smith passed on both offers. He agreed to be a character called Larkin Eve. But no narrating. Just not right, he felt, to be the inner voice of a fictional version of himself. Ever the director, he suggested Downie’s pal Mark Frost for the job… but he was busy enough in New Jersey, of course, but also Dundee, Scotland (!), playing Smith, himself, and, indeed, his iconic character, Silent Bob.


 Birth year:  Death year:  Other name:  Usual occupation: Film director Casting Calls:  3