Paul Anka

  1. Russ Tamblyn, West Side Story, 1961.  Singers or non-singers? The show’s Broadway genius Jerome Robbins suggested  making stars  out  of  unknowns and threatened to quit once nervous producer Walter Mirisch demanded  top names… Paul Anka, Frankie Avalon,  Fabian or even Elvis!!!
  2. Joby Baker, When the Boys Meet the Girls,1965.   Anka’s away!  On  tour. So he gave up MGM’s second version of the Gershwin brothers’ 30s musical, Girl Crazy – the first in, ’42, had been a Mickey and Judy doing-the-show-right-here  number.  He was replaced by another Canadian.  The new title made it sound like some Elvis rubbish. And poor Baker had already  suffered both male and female versions of those –  one Elvis (Girl Happy) and three Gidgets.

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