Serge Moati

  1. Jean-Pierre Léaud, Les quatre cent coups (US: The 400 Blows), France, 1958.     Billed as Henri Moati…   All the kids tested by critic-turned-auteur François  Truffaut  for the lead role of his first feature wound  playing the classmates of  Léaud’s schoolboy hero, the cherished “Antoine Doinel, Antoine Doinel, Antoine  Doinel…”  The Tunis-born Moati carried  on into  in 22 other film (none for Truffaut), By 1980,  the schoolboy was a school teacher in a Allons z’enfants.  He later produced 39 films, mainly for TV  films, directing 45 of them,  from tele-dramas to political bios and documentaries,  in particular  about President François Mitterrand (Moati was his political consultant and pr manager) and National  Front leader Jean-Marie Le Penn.  Serge Moati was still very active (and admired) in his domain  in 2014 at age 68

 Birth year:  Death year:  Other name:  Usual occupation: Film director Casting Calls:  1