Tim McGraw


  1. Bibi Anderson, An Enemy of the People, 1976.  What on earth was going on here…?  Why would  Steve McQueen – known for telling such potential co-stars as Stella Stevens, “I don’t need competition” – set himself up for the chop  with such a vanity project as  a  1882 Ibsen play, way beyond his style, scope  and  talent.    He wanted the Missus aboard, too. And then they divorced.
  2. Jon Hamm, Sucker Punch, 2010.     The multi-millionaire C&W singer was up for High Roller, brothel client and/or mental-asylum lobotomist.  (It’s that kinda movie).  Auteur Zack Synder’s “swords-and-corsets fantasy” (Washington Post) happens – or does it? –  in  three differing levels of consciousness. Yeah, that kinda movie! The winner was the  man of the hour, the star of TV’s  Mad Men.

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