Wayne Osmond

  1. Nicholas Hammond, The Sound of Music, 1964.      Four of The Osmonds’ family singing group – Alan, Jay, Merrill, Wayne – tested for Friedrich of the Von Trapp family singing group.  Brothers as brother, it made sense. On paper.
  2. Duane Chase, The Sound of Music, 1964.      The Mormon brothers  also  tested for Kurt von Trapp.  The most famous Osmonds were Donny, eight at the time,  and Marie six… old enough to test for Gretl.  But she did not. 
  3. Leonard Whiting, Romeo and Juliet, UK-Italy, 1967. The first version where the stars were close to the ages of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers.  Leonard Whiting and Olivia were 15 and 17. At  MGM, circa 1935, Leslie Howard and Norma Shearer were, ridiculously, 43 and 35!  Italian director Franco Zeffirelli saw 14 Juliets but only eight possible  Romeos  from Hollywood’s Jeff Bridges, Richard Dreyfuss, Tim Matheson, Kurt Russell and  the two eldest Osmond brothers, Alan and Wayne … to  UK singers  Phil Collins and  Paul  McCartney – Lulu had been in the Juliet mix.

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Usual occupation: SingerCasting Calls:  3